Sunday, June 9, 2013

Reform Advocates Denounce Lawn Signs on HuffPost

Many thanks to our friends Shana Rowan, executive Director at USA FAIR, Gail Colletta, President of the Florida Action Committee, and "Once Fallen" activist Derek Logue, for appearing live on HuffPost to denounce the posting of big red lawn signs in front of the homes of ex-sex offenders by the Sheriff of Bradford County, Florida.


  1. I do have to add Once Fallen isn't a blog, but a legal information site. I do have a blog also named Once Fallen but it isn't attached to my main site.

    Our opponent was some conservative blogger guy, Justin something-or-other. I think he was just a fill in just so it wouldn't look like HuffPostLive were "pro-RSO."

    The sheriff declined an interview because he heard we were coming on the show. What a wimp!

    1. Sorry Derek, I'll get that corrected ASAP.

      I'm not surprised the Sheriff declined to appear, becasue I think he's nervous that his actions cross into criminal territory. Makes me wonder what would happen if these targeted men just ripped the signs out. I'm not advocating the destruction of the signs, but I don't believe there's anything in the registry laws that says the sheriff can do this kind of thing, especially on private property. One thing is sure. These men need good lawyers.

      June 10, 2013 at 5:46 PM